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Manage a corporation and implement financial strategies that enhance your current lifestyle! Learn how you can efficiently and wisely leverage your corporation to provide for your personal financial goals while protecting your investments. Allow our team of experts to provide solutions you can put in place today that will allow you to confidently prepare for tomorrow.

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Whether you are a new corporation or you have been serving Canadians for several years, there are key strategies you can utilize to make the most of your income. Effectively reduce tax payables, properly manage retained earnings, and reward years of service with a secure corporate retirement plan through proven strategies implemented by our team. Harness the potential of your corporation by allowing our team to provide advice you can count on.

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Grow and develop your business while attaining your professional goals.

Whether you operate a corporation that has several employees, or only one, we understand the obstacles you may be facing. From offering second opinions, to cash flow and tax planning, to business development strategies in a continually shifting economic environment, our hand-picked team of professionals are prepared to assist you in reaching your goals.

Consulting Haus is a place where professionals and strategists work under one roof- all towards the goal of simplifying your needs and achieving results. Let us create a tailored plan that assesses your direct goals and provides solutions on which you can rely on.