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Turn your ambitions into goals, and your goals into reality. We are your strategists and implementation partners.

You’ve worked hard and have invested in your career. Now, as you are compensated for your expertise in your industry, you must consider how to best manage this income and your assets. That’s where we come in.

Consulting Haus specializes in implementing custom-tailored solutions and professional services crafted for individuals and professional corporations so that you can focus on what matters.

Our process is unique, and so are the results! We offer value and confidence by designing comprehensive individualized plans and solutions architectured around your unique requirements and aspirations. We will review your assets, liabilities, income, expense, goals and objectives, then suggest strategies and recommendations to help achieve your goals and minimize tax payable.

Each member of the Consulting Haus team has been hand-selected; bringing unique industry and professional experience to the table. Our network of consultants and professionals is always growing, allowing us to provide you with an unparalleled portfolio of services. Drawing from our InHaus group of companies, we count on the input and direction provided by team members who are preferred partners within the areas of mortgages, insurance, banking, law, accounting, and real estate.

Our InHaus services


You’ve developed your personal goals, now it’s time to implement them. Whether you are working towards saving for a home, investing in your child’s education, planning for retirement or reducing financial risks to secure your family’s legacy, we will build a plan that allows you to accomplish it.

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Incorporated professionals

Do you own or operate a professional corporation in Canada? Whether your corporation is comprised of several members, or only one, you understand the importance of working with professionals in their given fields. Our team of consultants help to design wealth management and tax strategies that are tailored to the needs of your corporation. We implement key plans that you can trust. Cash flow, tax minimization, and growing retained earnings are a few ways in which we assist your team of professionals as we work to create an income that you will not outlive.

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AVG Reduction in personal tax

Trust our team to provide you with a second opinion before you make your final decision.

Workplace transitions, business cash flow management, retirement planning, estate planning, saving for your child’s university education, and debt elimination; we are with you through all of life’s significant events. Let our team of professionals show you how so that you can focus on enjoying these moments!

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only $250
For 1-hour quarterly meetings

Gain strategic plans tailored for your success. Allow us to assess, design, implement and manage industry-leading techniques created to achieve your specific goals.

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