Your Solution Partners

Ambitions into goals

Our clients want to achieve:

The goals, dreams and passions that have influenced every choice they have had to make to get where they are today.

They tend to live their lives by the guiding principals of discipline, work ethic and perseverance. Knowing that what you didn’t do because of matters less than what you did do in spite of.

Success, which they have learned is achievable through harnessing the strengths of others. Building a team allowing them to delegate duties to the professionals whom they have chosen and trust.

How Consulting Haus helps

Goals into reality

  • Creating an income that they cannot outlive.
  • Understanding that return of your money is more important than return on your money.
  • Maintaining a focus on preservation of capital through effective risk mitigation.
Additional 40%
of income saved for retirement
  • Independent assessment of your investment portfolio.
  • Discuss investment options that allow you not to worry about loss of capital.
  • Build investment assets that you can convert into a non taxable retirement income.
increase on retained earnings
Tax Planning
  • Convert non-deductible debt to interest deducible debt.
  • Grow tax deferred retained earnings within your corporation.
  • Minimize tax payable to your estate and maximize amounts payable to beneficiaries.
minimization of tax payable

Your strategic and implementation partners

Consulting Haus is where business owners and professionals go to design and implement the plans and decisions that allow them to get where they are today. We are for the people who choose to get things done today, rather than tomorrow, and our team is cut from the same cloth. We know how hard you’ve worked to get where you are, and we know that life is worth living. With our team, you will be able to look back on your financial decisions and say that you played the game of life, and won!

We work with Canadians who passionately seek results; who are looking to leverage their finances and make it work for them instead of the other way around. Our team of coaches, each an expert in their own fields, help translate complex ideas and provide simple, easy to understand solutions. Individuals and professional corporations look to our network who prove time and time again their knowledge in the portfolio services they specialize in.

Mortgages, insurance, banking, law, and real estate, our team diligently and proactively review goals, objectives, assets, liabilities, income and expenses – all with your future at the core. Keep your money, by trusting us to provide strategies that you can bank on.